It’s a taste worth acquiring

I wouldn’t call myself a sushi enthusiast, so it might surprise you to learn that I know how to make it and have done so multiple times. Especially now that you’re reading an article about that very subject, written by me.

It’s true — when I first heard of sushi, the very idea grossed me out. Seaweed? Uncooked fish? No, thanks! I was flat out against it from the day I heard about it. Ever since then, family and friends have been gradually coaxing me out of my shell, tempting me to try this spicy…

A troubling trend among modern IT organizations is to value charisma over technical skill. Charisma and influence certainly have their place, and they can take a person quickly from the bottom ranks of programmers all the way to management, even without having to write a lot of code. You might not be the best programmer, but if you can influence people and be seen as a leader, the technical hurdles can be overlooked. On the other hand, if you noticeably lack charisma, your actual work may be undervalued and go unnoticed — especially if you’re that reserved analytical-type person that…

New programmers, welcome to the industry of software development, without having to invest a decade-long career to learn these lessons the hard way.

Now, some things can only be learned by experience. I can tell you these things are important, or that they really do happen in the industry, but you may not believe me until you watch them happen in your own career. The decision is up to you, but here are the tips for your benefit, should you choose to learn them the easy way.

1. People skills are important for programmers, too

You’re fresh out of college…

Tim Baker

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